Adapted to Survive: Animals that Hunt

Series Adapted to Survive By Angela Royston

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Adapted to Survive: Animals that Hunt

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Stunning full-color photographs fill this title that describes animal predators—and why and how they hunt. Nine different animals or types of animals (polar bears, for example, receive individual treatment, but sharks are covered as a group) are presented. Every spread features two vivid photographs, usually with one close-up image and the other showing the predator in action. Text boxes throughout offer surprising facts, such as “A crocodile may go through 3,000 teeth during its life!” On the closing spread, “Animal Challenge” follow-up questions and an activity, encouraging readers to invent an imaginary predator, help reinforce new knowledge. Back matter includes a glossary, list of suggested books, link to publisher-approved Web sites, and an index.
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Series Nonfiction: Science K-2 (Grades K-2)

Series Nonfiction Science Grades K-2

Series Nonfiction: Science K-2 (Grades K-2)

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