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Animal Infographics

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“The blue whale and the African elephant are two of the world’s biggest animals.” But how do their weights compare? A chart equates one 145-ton blue whale with 22 African elephants; one 6.5-ton African elephant with 9 cows; and one 1,550-pound cow with 35 puppies. In examples such as these, visual representations of numbers (e.g. 22 elephants, lined up in rows, across from one blue whale) give readers an idea of size, shape, length, and time as they relate to the animal kingdom. A metric conversion table is provided in the front matter, and an opening “About Infographics” section introduces the concept. Subsequent spreads feature graphics paired with text explanations, which themselves come under headings including “Moving Animals” and “Life Cycles.” Back matter consists of a glossary, further reading, link to publisher-selected Web sites, and an index.
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Series Nonfiction: Science 3-5 (Grades 3-5 )

Series Nonfiction Science Grades 3-5

Series Nonfiction: Science 3-5 (Grades 3-5 )

For Grades 3-5

These 12 engrossing, fact-filled works build upon science fundamentals, allowing young students to grasp physical and life science basics while being entertained. They are the best titles from the best science series handpicked by experienced School Library Journal editors.

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