Choosing News: What Gets Reported and Why

Series Exploring Media Literacy By Barb Paiser

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Choosing News: What Gets Reported and Why

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“When choosing which media sources to follow, it helps to know how the media work.” The first chapter in this timely and informative volume asks “What is News?” and then answers that question in subsequent sections, covering topics including “Accuracy and Credibility,” “Fairness and Bias,” and “Citizen Journalism.” Color photos, diagrams, and sidebars are scattered throughout. Aspiring journalists will appreciate the “Media Literacy 101” spread. A glossary, an additional resources page, source notes, a select bibliography, and an index conclude the title.
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Series Nonfiction: Social Studies 6-8 (Grades 6-8)

Series NonfictionSocial Studies Grades 6-8

Series Nonfiction: Social Studies 6-8 (Grades 6-8)

For Grades 6-8

Children exploring family, community, and global life will appreciate these 12 thoughtful examinations that cover issues from the personal to the international, and are often accompanied by stories of kids just like them.

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