Fooled You

By Elaine Pascoe
Illustrators Illustrated by Laurie Keller Publisher Holt Imprint Holt ISBN


Fooled You

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A poor English servant disguised herself as Princess Caraboo from Javasu and charmed her way into Bristol society. P.T. Barnum displayed a monkey torso sewn onto a fish’s tail and called it a mermaid. Two drinking buddies hatched a plan to mow crop circles into a nearby field and blame it on aliens. Countless people have been taken in by these and other hoaxes. But you wouldn’t have been fooled-would you? Introduction. Suggested further reading.
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Nonfiction Elementary Plus (Grades 2-6)

Nonfiction Elementary Plus

Nonfiction Elementary Plus (Grades 2-6)

For Grades 2-6

A world of discovery awaits in this 14 book category. Elementary readers eager to know more about the world around them will learn much from diving into these nonfiction titles covering a diverse range of topics. A sure way to satisfy inquisitive minds.

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