How Do Parachutes Work?

Series How Flight Works By Jennifer Boothroyd

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How Do Parachutes Work?

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Bright, appealing photographs and a colorful design will draw in readers, while simple, energetic explanations of parachute procedures and equipment offer a comprehensive look at skydiving. Highlighting an intriguing hobby, this volume focuses on people who skydive for fun and features pictures of men and women parachuting. The captioned photos and a labeled illustration clearly show the parts of a parachute. A list of interesting facts is included in the back matter (“During freefall, a skydiver travels about 120 miles [193 kilometers] per hour.”), along with a glossary, suggestions for further reading, a link to publisher-selected Web sites, and an index.
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Series Nonfiction: Social Studies K-2 (Grades K-2)

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