Streams of Babel

By Carol Plum-Ucci
Publisher Harcourt Imprint Harcourt ISBN


Awards and Honors <I>Kirkus Reviews</I> Best Young Adult Book of 2008

Streams of Babel

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Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco: Drug Use/Abuse,Medical: Graphic Descriptions

A terror cell has injected a deadly biochemical agent into the water supply of Trinity Falls, New Jersey. The first to die is Cora's mother; next is Mrs. Eberman, mother of Cora's classmate Owen and his brother Scott, on whom Cora has a hopeless crush. To help find the terrorists, U.S. Intelligence brings Shahzad Hamdani, a sixteen-year-old Pakistani computer spy, to the United States. As Cora and Owen begin to suffer the effects of the mysterious poison, Shahzad races to find the terrorists and discover just what they've done to the water.
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