The Unnameables

By Ellen Booraem
Publisher Harcourt Imprint Harcourt ISBN


Awards and Honors 2008 <i>VOYA</i> Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

The Unnameables

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Everything on Medford and Prudy's island has a purpose and a proper name, and Useless items are forbidden. The two friends discover an artifact depicting a strange, goat-like figure-an object so Useless it is Unnameable. Prudy knows her duty: she should report the object or destroy it. Medford's decision to hide the beautiful object places a strain on their friendship. Then a living Goatman turns up at Medford's house and uncovers Medford's other secret: he's been carving Unnameable objects. The tempest accompanying the Goatman's appearance grips the entire town, forcing Prudy and the others to question their strictly utilitarian beliefs.
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Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus (Grades 5-8)

Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus (Grades 5-8)

For Grades 5-8

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