Why Can’t I Hear That?: Pitch and Frequency

Series Exploring Sound By Louise Spilsbury, Richard Spilsbury

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Why Can’t I Hear That?: Pitch and Frequency

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This informative book explains how vibration, frequency, and sound waves determine what makes noises audible. “The slowest vibration human ears can hear is 20 times a second. That is a very low-pitched sound. Smoke alarms vibrate 3,000 times a second, making a very high sound!” Six step-by-step, photo-illustrated activities, including using a Slinky to show how sound moves and creating a glass xylophone, demonstrate the principles involved. Vibrant, captioned full-color photographs and diagrams are featured throughout, along with bolded vocabulary words and text boxes that provide additional facts. The final pages discuss frequencies made and heard by animals, echolocation, and ultrasound. Back matter contains a glossary, suggestions for further reading, a link to publisher-approved Web sites, and an index.
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Series Nonfiction: Science K-2 (Grades K-2)

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