Your Skeletal System

Series How Does Your Body Work? By Caroline Arnold

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Your Skeletal System

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In a straightforward fashion, this volume lays out the most important features of the skeletal system, from the anatomy of bones and the different parts of a skeleton, to joints, ligaments, and tendons. Photos are interspersed with easy-to-understand diagrams, while text boxes serve as captions. The book is divided into four well-organized chapters; a glossary, suggested reading, and an index provide further guidance, and a publisher’s link leads to more resources. Sure to be a helpful research aid.
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Series Nonfiction: Science 3-5 (Grades 3-5 )

Series Nonfiction Science Grades 3-5

Series Nonfiction: Science 3-5 (Grades 3-5 )

For Grades 3-5

These 12 engrossing, fact-filled works build upon science fundamentals, allowing young students to grasp physical and life science basics while being entertained. They are the best titles from the best science series handpicked by experienced School Library Journal editors.

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